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SimplicIT 2.0 : The Flagship of Acclimate

“Software-as-a-Service” (SaaS) EDI Translation and Integration Solution

Simplicit™ 2.0 is a cloud-based “Software as a Service” (SaaS) that automates interoperability among disparate systems within both internal (A2A) and external (B2B/EDI) environments. Simplicit™ 2.0 simplifies implementation and automates execution of interoperable systems – at any level of requirement – anywhere in the world.

The power of Simplicit™ is typically available only in very high-end systems with very high-end price tags requiring high-end operators. At Acclimate, we provide this level of sophistication to operations of all sizes at extremely competitive prices that are structured so that you only pay for what you need – when you need it.

SimplicIT™ seamlessly integrates with these industry-leading ERPs

ACCNet™ VAN Services

(“ay-cee-cee net”)

Acclimate Technologies, Inc. offers an affordable Communication Transmission Service that eliminates the concern of moving your data and transactions from anywhere, to anywhere. Our state-of-the-art Data Center monitors all incoming and outgoing traffic to ensure that your data arrives at its designated destination – when you expect it to. 

If there is an issue, our highly-trained Support Department will quickly determine the solution and manage the interaction with the appropriate parties until full resolution is achieved. 

What is “SaaS?”

Software as a Service

Software as a Service (SaaS) is an emerging model for providing software to large markets. Many recent global IT companies that emphasize internet and e-commerce offerings have adopted the SaaS Model as their primary means of pricing offers.


The concept is simple. Rather than offer separate contracts for One Time License Fees (OTLF), related annual maintenance, and  Support (with the need for additional fees for software upgrades), the customer is served through a service model analogous to any basic utility (e.g. wireless phone service).


ACCLIMATE’s simple subscription services bundle everything possible into One Solution, identify options for advanced service, and specify customer environment minimum requirements.


The bottom line is that each customer receives a tailored service solution specific to their needs with lower upfront expense and invoices which are simple to read on a single monthly statement.

EDI Simplified

Simple Fee Structures make planning and budgeting easy to understand and audit

Simple Configuration Options. Pay only as you use embedded functionality

Automatic Software Upgrades at no cost to the Subscriber

Available Trading Partner Kits, Labeling Kits, and Web Services enable “easy to commit planning”

Acclimate Rules Design

Eliminate the “gotchas”

Inherent in this Rules Design℠ capability of Simplicit™ is the virtual elimination of those “one time” customization charges or as we call customization “gotchas”! The problem with customization is that it’s always a “one off” resulting in a fragile system. It’s fragile because it has not been designed to the rigor of a regular release, thus maintenance is a problem, documentation is a problem, migration is a problem, time delays are typical, and out of pocket expense is prohibitive. Thus, in addition to the functionality that is described in the Simplicit™ layers, is this inherent capability to read and to execute rules.


Rules are written for various levels of sophisticated requirements:


  • Simple Data Formatting to address different field conventions and qualifiers.
  • Refined Data Mapping to address such things as alternative definitions, data concatenation, or extending a single instance of meaning to multiple fields reducing additional design and maintenance complexity.
  • Business Process requirements such as simple data manipulation based upon business logic and cross referencing.
  • Business Process requirements such as complex data extensions based upon arithmetic or algorithmic formulas for conversions.
  • Complex Data Routing of a single instance of data that must be “enriched” or value added before being forwarded to multiple destinations or parsing of concatenated data into two or more parts for further processing or transmittal.
  • Validation of data by one or multiple target systems to establish a true or false state prior to further processing or commitment such as might be used in “open to sell” or commodity price fluctuation query prior to price commit.

EDI Simplified

Simple Fee Structures make planning and budgeting easy to understand and audit.

Simple Rule Implementation virtually eliminates “gotcha” customization costs.

You control the pace of implementation. Rules Design™ enables JIT implementation.

EDI inter-operability and integration now SaaS available

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