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we know data matters

…and what is up with the


Back in 2004, legend has it that Christian Prince, Acclimate’s founder and CTO, would lay in bed at night pondering whether there could be a better way for businesses to share supply chain data and exploit the true potential of the information being transmitted (seriously, he’s one of those type of people). So he combined his technological know-how with his in-depth supply chain experience, gathered together a rogue band of talented developers and launched Acclimate Technologies, Inc.

The vision was simple: To make our clients the strongest link in the value chain.

Today, Acclimate has evolved to go well beyond standard EDI and is a pioneer in transforming real-time data into useful business information at each link in the supply chain. Additionally, as we have continued to grow, we have had the opportunity to significantly enhance our customer’s operations and increase their bottom line through an expanded suite of Business Process Automation (our specialty) and Managed Business Solutions/Database Management Services.

At Acclimate, our strength is in our experience. With a proven track record of supporting some of the most complicated and demanding supply chains in North America (and beyond), Acclimate has a wide base of satisfied customers.

We invite you to take a couple minutes and get acquainted with Acclimate.  If you have any questions about what Acclimate can do for your company, please don’t hesitate to Get CONNECTED.

Our Mission:

To add resilience to the value chain through integration, business process automation and managed business solutions

…because we know data matters.

Oh, and about the


Funny story, actually…

Here at Acclimate, we have been undergoing a bit of a much-needed branding make-over. And as anyone who has been a part of the early stages of such a process knows, brain-storming should be strongly encouraged – the more out-of-the-box the better.

So, the stream-of-consciousness went something like this:
“What does Acclimate mean? … to change – to adapt – to adapt to changing environments – temperature changes – color changes – certain animals are quite good at changing or adapting to their environment – squid… octopuses… chameleons…  chameleons!

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