Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)


Even at its most basic level, electronic data interchange (EDI) can be a powerful tool. It allows computer-to-computer transfers of data, even among multiple disparate software platforms, that require no human intervention. This alone can make your business transactions more efficient, effective and accurate than ever, especially compared to paper-based systems.

Acclimate™ solves the EDI requirement through a combination of:

  • Trading Partner Kits which provide for the definitions of interoperability and other related items.
  • Data Transformation Services provided through Simplicit™ which cost efficiently executes interoperability among Trading Partners as well as provides for Rules Design℠. This inherent logic built into Simplicit™ virtually eliminates any customization charges or as we call customization, The Gotcha’s!
  • ERP Gateways specialized to transaction sets and higher level service rules e.g. validation among a single or multiple systems.
  • Communication transmission management services or value added network (VAN) provided through ACCNet.
  • Support Services as appropriate to your resource environment and expertise. So you can select Self-Manage or ACCLIMATE-Manage℠ Outsourcing of your EDI operation / interoperability management.
  • Professional Services if required for consultative or other specialized needs.

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