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Business Process Automation

A Specialty of Acclimate

Acclimate engages our customers with one question…

“What if…?”

  • WHAT IF every employee were equipped to make business decisions that improve your bottom line?
  • WHAT IF your biggest obstacles to productivity and quality could be eliminated?
  • WHAT IF you could increase your revenue without increasing the workforce?
  • WHAT IF you could identify potential threats and risks while there’s still time to prevent them?
What is Business Process Automation (BPA)?

BPA is any business strategy that attempts to automate processes and contain costs primarily where data is most susceptible to human error.

Why does it matter?

As business owners, executives, managers and employees, we all have a fiduciary responsibility to do everything we can to reduce costs, minimize errors, service our customers and keep our companies competitive.

Case Study

Client: Steel Processing Plant
Project: Reconciliation Report

No Confirmation of Receipts from multiple vendors up and down the supply chain led to much confusion and could take days to resolve – especially when documents (ASNs) were missing information.


With Acclimate’s Reconciliation Report, one can now see data in real-time and can immediately make the proper contacts to expedite.
“A big, big improvement.”


Much time and frustration went into the all-too-common process of gathering data from disparate sources and manually compiling this data into one massive spreadsheet to be used to calculate the required figures.


Acclimate’s Reconciliation Report filters, sorts and exports to Excel where one easy-to-read report with all the required information can be generated. Everything needed to reconcile all in one place.


Being blind to the Buyer’s Payment Amount made for the tedious and time-consuming task of manually pulling multiple invoices to audit for payment discrepancies.


Acclimate’s Reconciliation Report displays the Invoice Amount against the Buyers payment for each item and flags significant price discrepancies allowing for immediate action.

Acclimate helps resolve the foundational requirement of
all Business Process Automation projects…

…inter-operability between disparate systems.

4 Step Process

We walk our clients through a comprehensive process to analyze their situation, gain a good understanding of the challenges and potential threats and provide feedback on how we can develop a solution that best meets their goals.

Step 1:


Plan it

  • Ask the “What if…?” questions
  • Identify stakeholders
  • Define objectives (goals)
  • Minimally map current (manual) processes
  • Assess data and systems
Key to success:

Start with the end in mind

Step 2:


Prove it

  • Hard code to generate desired result
  • Reach go/no-go decision quickly
  • Develop code to automate processes
  • Repeat as necessary (scrum approach)
Key to success:

I.V.A.—Iterate, Validate, Automate

Step 3:


Test it

  • Controlled deployment of BPA implementation
  • Small groups/common applications
  • Check throughput and confirm automation
  • Make refinements as needed
Key to success:

Identify issues and optimize processes while still manageable

Step 4:


Deploy it

  • Roll out BPA to entire organization
  • Monitor, modify and maintain as needed
  • Measure impact (quantitative and qualitative)
Key to success:

Educate, mandate, incentivize, recognize
(communicate results, instill in company culture)

At Acclimate, we specialize in taking everyday manual tasks and fully automating them.  Devote your valuable resources and time to your core competencies and let Acclimate improve the flow of information within your organization.

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