Translating your data so that your trading partners can process it is an important step toward integrating your value chain.  Another important step is making sure that data is getting to the right place

ANCTM is an affordable data transmission service that manages the flow of data between you and your trading partners.  It operates almost like a package delivery service:  it routes messages to the appropriate applications, tracks them while they’re en route, and acknowledges once they’ve arrived.  And it transfers them securely, to ensure that the content of your messages is protected.

ANCTM is what’s known as a value-added network (VAN).  It is owned and maintained by Acclimate and is offered strictly for use by our customers and their trading partners.  This exclusivity helps to reduce traffic on the network, which allows messages to transfer very quickly between applications.  It also promotes security, since access to the network is more limited.

Cloud-Based Implementation

There is no software for you to install or maintain.  We provide 24x7x365 monitoring and support to ensure your messages get where they’re going, with no delay.

Private Network

Membership is limited to our customers and their trading partners, which reduces network clutter and promotes security.

File Type Support

Supports all common file types, including flat file, .csv, XML, API, and fixed format.

Scalable Architecture

As traffic increases, Acclimate can easily add additional resources to accommodate the need for increased bandwidth.

Built-In Integration

Built-in integration with Acclimate’s SimplicITTM EDI Translation tool enables seamless integration with your supply chain partners.

Connects with Other Networks

ANCTM has the capability of exchanging messages with applications on other networks.

Interested in learning more? Download the product data-sheet here or contact us here.

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