Line-Side Printing

Line-Side Printing is an extension to our TresselTM shipping workflow product. It adds some exciting, next-generation capabilities to our packing and shipping solutions. 

New Ways to Count

One of the most frustrating activities in the Order Fulfillment process is the packing process. It’s a process that’s largely manual, which opens the door to human error. Those errors can lead to customers receiving the wrong quantity of product or even the wrong product altogether. What’s needed are alternative ways to validate the quantities being shipped and to do that in a way that minimizes human involvement (and the eventual human errors).   

Line-Side Printing introduces a new way to count the actual number of units in a shipping container. The new functionality leverages Microsoft’s Vision Artificial Intelligence to calculate those quantities. The setup involves “training” the AI to recognize part numbers and their associated dimensions. The packing station operator then uses a camera integrated with the Line-Side Printing workstation to send a picture of the shipping container to Microsoft. With the picture and the unit dimension information, the AI is able to accurately determine the number of units in the container.

Vibration Value

Loud noises and vibrations, such as those caused by heavy equipment, can affect the accuracy of a shipping scale.  Our vibration value calculation accounts for this issue and returns a more accurate weight. 

Parts Variance

It’s not unusual for parts manufactured in the same lot to have minor variances in their weight.  The Parts Variance calculation adjusts for this factor to calculate more accurate shipping weights.

One-Click Printing

Generate all of the documents required for a shipment with a single keystroke.

Pallet/Case Search

Search for a specific pallet or case to  view its content and see the activity history.

End User History Tracking

Provides visibility to the shipments worked by specific end users and the actions those users have taken on those shipments.


Provides instructions for repacking products from one container into another.

Serial Number Hold

Allows specific units to be placed “on hold” so they can’t be packed or shipped. 

Interested in learning more? Download the product data-sheet here or contact us here.

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