VizTOCTM is a powerful “visual empowerment framework” that gives your employees an up-to-the-minute view of the health of your manufacturing process, helps them to collaborate on questions and issues, and enables them to make real-time adjustments to keep work flowing. 

VizTOCTM works by bringing together data from multiple sources, including your ERP and manufacturing systems, to create a comprehensive view of how well your manufacturing process is performing.  It applies the Theory of Constraint techniques against that data to determine whether any steps in the process are underperforming (the “weakest links”) and flags them for further attention.  It presents that information using Visual Empowerment techniques that immediately draw attention to any processes that are having difficulty.  It also provides a means for managers and planners to communicate directly with the affected work centers to understand the issues and to adjust the flow of work in real-time to avoid backups and keep the process flowing.

VizTOC Matrix UI

Sample VizTOCTM MatrixUI

Comprehensive View

Aggregates data from multiple sources to provide an end-to-end view of your process.

Real-Time Metrics

Provides a real-time view of how the process is performing.

Visual Dashboard

Uses visual cues to draw immediate attention to “weakest link” activities and potential trouble spots.

Intuitive Scheduling Interface

The “Drag and Drop” interface makes it easy to construct the manufacturing schedule or to reassign work to a different work center.

Improved Collaboration

VizTOCTM promotes collaboration between managers, planners, and work center operators, helping them to communicate more easily and resolve issues more quickly.

Employee Empowerment

Provides your employees with the data they need to make smart business decisions.

Maintains Your Process Cadence

VizTOCTM is designed to provide your employees with the tools and information they need to maintain the cadence of your manufacturing process, keep work flowing, and avoid unplanned downtime and lost revenue.

viztoc Product videos

Click here to view additional VizTOCTM product demonstration and how-to videos.

VizTOCTM Scheduling Priorities

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