SimplicIT™ 3.0

Cloud-based EDI (SaaS)

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Interoperability service now SaaS available!

Simplicit™ is now available as a subscription service either in the cloud (off-premise) or in your server and behind your firewall, (on-premise).

SimplicIT 3.0 is the flagship solution at Acclimate.  SimplicIT is a cloud–based Data Transformation server that makes EDI integration easy.  Rather than implementing software out of a box, Acclimate makes the process simple by providing end-to-end EDI services through the use of our SimplicIT solution along with our AccNET connectivity.

The power of Simplicit™ is typically available only in very high-end systems with very high-end price tags requiring high-end operators.  The ACCLIMATE Mission is to provide this level of power to medium-sized operations at extremely competitive prices structured so that you only pay for what you need, when you need it.

What is SaaS?

Software as a Service

Software as a Service (SaaS) is an emerging model for providing software to large markets. Many recent global IT companies that emphasize internet and e-commerce offerings have adopted the SaaS Model as their primary means of pricing offers.


The concept is simple. Rather than offer separate contracts for One Time License Fees (OTLF), related annual maintenance, and  Support (with the need for additional fees for software upgrades), the customer is served through a service model analogous to any basic utility (e.g. wireless phone service).


ACCLIMATE’s simple subscription services bundle everything possible into One Solution, identify options for advanced service, and specify customer environment minimum requirements.


The bottom line is that each customer receives a tailored service solution specific to their needs with lower upfront expense and invoices which are simple to read on a single monthly statement.

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