Our process automation methodology leverages our knowledge of the manufacturing process, our skill in supply chain integration, our experience in custom development, and our portfolio of available products and services to build a comprehensive plan to optimize your processes. We can show you how to design a process that will:

  • Improve throughput by eliminating unnecessary tasks and combining redundant activities;
  • Reduce costs and eliminate errors by automating manual activities;
  • Provide real-time visibility to the performance of the process by converting data into actionable metrics.

Let our team of process consultants and implementation specialists work with you and your stakeholders to define your process and guide you through making it a reality.

Our Methodology

Our methodology follows Agile techniques for process design and automation. Development takes place in short, iterative cycles that enable you to see and validate results in near-real time. Our four-step process is:

Step 1
Plan IT

Define the scope of the project. Interview the people who manage, execute, and receive output from the process to understand their issues and goals. Review the current processes and systems to understand their purpose and limitations. Create the project plan, following Agile practices for iterative development cycles.  

Step 2
Prove IT

Follow Agile practices to decide on the functionality to be developed in each cycle.  Review results with key users to ensure the objectives for the cycle have been met.  Continue iterating until all functionality has been delivered and verified. 

Step 3
Validate IT

Deploy the new functionality to small groups of users in a controlled environment. Monitor the throughput and quality of the new process to verify the capacity and accuracy of the solution. Make corrections and refinements as needed.

Step 4
Deploy IT

Release the functionality to the entire organization.  Provide training as needed to ensure the success of the project. Continue to monitor results for quality purposes and make changes as needed.

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