Support Models

Value Added Network (VAN) Services


Acclimate Technologies offers three models of customer support: Standard, Premium, and Outsourced EDI Coordinator. The following table compares the three models:

Acclimate Technologies’ Outsourced EDI Coordinator

(Acclimate Managed)

When you use EDI, you have to designate someone as a primary contact for your trading partners. Trading partners consider this person your EDI coordinator. Whenever trading partners need to communicate with your company, they contact your EDI coordinator. Things a trading partner may need to communicate with you about could include testing, questions about EDI transactions, EDI transaction rejections or failures, and changes in specifications or requirements.


With Acclimate’s Outsourced EDI Coordinator support offering, we fulfill the role of your EDI coordinator, allowing you to allocate employees to other tasks. If an EDI transaction fails or is rejected by a trading partner, we work directly with your trading partner to resolve whatever caused the failure or rejection. We do depending upon whether you’ve signed up for the 24×7, 365 day/year model or the 8am – 5pm business day model. Having someone available is important because with some trading partners, you have a very limited amount of time to analyze and resolve the issue and then resubmit the transaction. If you fail to resubmit the transaction within the specified period of time, you may incur a financial or performance penalty from the trading partner.


In most cases, we are able to resolve open issues without involving you in the process. In fact, most of the time you won’t even be aware that a problem existed. This means that your EDI can work behind the scenes without a lot of intervention on your part.


Without our Outsourced EDI Coordinator support, you will need to have someone on staff that is both capable of and available to resolve in a timely manner any issues that arise with your trading partners.

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