Systems Integrations (A2A)

Cut Costs • Improve Efficiency

Application to Application (A2A) integration involves enabling data transactional links among disparate systems such as:

  • Multiple Vendor ERP Systems
  • Legacy Systems
  • Non-integrated processes and related applications

Inability to provide this integration due to costs associated with migration will cause expense to the operation as this prohibits the adequate implementation of Lean Manufacturing Strategies, Real Time Open to Sell / Commit Activities, Work In Process Adjustments, Total Quality Management Strategies etc.

ACCLIMATE™ can help resolve the foundational requirement of these issues … interoperability.

It does this through a combination of:

  • Data Transformation Services provided through Simplicit™ which cost efficiently executes interoperability. Simplicit™ can become the hub of data transformation among all the systems in your organization, providing full interoperability and enabling the benefits of modern cost efficiency and revenue cycle optimization strategies.
  • Quick Views provides a presentation platform of consolidated, transformed, and enriched data organized around Function, Application, or Work Zones. Combinations of Titled Wireframes with relevant detail are presented to facilitate operational or planning activities.
  • Optimization Applications such as:
    • Scan / Label Printing / Validate / Shipping
    • Work in Process – Quick Views
    • KANBAN

Let’s discuss your needs and determine how we can help maximize your current IT investments.

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